Queens Designs has been a leader in the Fashion Watch and Beads industry for more than eight years. The company was founded in 2004 in Atlanta, GA. Queens Designs has a distinctive line of styles for women, men, and children, where you can find every type of watch imaginable to accessorize all formal and casual events. As designers, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers, our mission is to identify the most current fashion trends and provide outstanding quality merchandise at competitive prices while extending exceptional customer service to our retailers and wholesalers.


Quality and Price play a vital role in maintaining the company’s leadership.


Queens Design has sustained a competitive price standard along with a reputation for Quality throughout the years. That’s why customers from all over the US and Canada have found Queens Design to be a company that delivers top-of-the-line fashion watches at the most reasonable prices. Our commitment to product development and distribution is evident in our diverse range of over 2000 different styles and our detailed coverage of the fashion watch market in North America. Queens Designs usually offers same day shipping for orders placed by 3pm to ensure fast delivery. We also require ONLY a $100 minimum order, and we allow our wholesale customers to choose their merchandise quantities. Throughout our 8 years in business, our customer service has made us one of America and Canada's leading watch and accessories wholesalers. You can trust us to send you exactly what you ordered without substitutions unless previously approved by you, on time, and packed professionally.


Take a look at what Queens Design has to offer. Explore our website www.queensdesigns.com or visit us at our Showroom in Atlanta at the Apparel Mart to see for yourself who’s leading the way on fashion watches.